Planning your Wedding in Bogotá

How do you imagine your wedding?, Write us what is the most important think for you.

To begin, you must define the style or theme of the wedding. Considering aspects such as the place, time and number of guests you can get an idea of ​​how your marriage will be.


Remember, vintage themes and garden weddings are better suited to the country environments of farms or haciendas, choosing the day as the best option to celebrate your marriage. Planning your Wedding in Bogotá 

For weddings are the trends that use very luxurious details in the decoration, full of glitter and sequins, high and ominous centerpieces, as well as chandeliers for a very romantic and elegant lighting.

This type of celebrations is usually held in hotels or events rooms at night.

When hiring wedding providers, check your career and professionalism very well.


Search your websites, images as a sample of your work and so you can lean on the option that you like, generate confidence and fit your budget.

Keep in mind that at your wedding, every detail is a complement in itself; therefore it is important to maintain the harmony.

Both in the decoration and in your bridal look(dress, shoes and bouquet) to achieve the celebration of your marriage to your style and personality. Planning your Wedd

Time is short and the best and best advice is to make the entire organization of your marriage with enough time to allow you to avoid any difficulty or unexpected last minute.

The celebration of your wedding is a unique and unforgettable occasion therefore you should make a good decision as a couple in regards to every detail in the organization of the marriage.

Your wedding is your most special day for that you need to have the best people helping you to create a wonderful experience