Tips for making the guest list of your wedding – Wedding Cartagena
This is one of the most important steps when planning your wedding:

Wedding Cartagena

The first thing is to put all the people you would like to accompany you on that special day.

At this point there is no place for the budget or the size of the Church and the place of reception.

Just write the names that you consider important for your partner.

Now count the total number of guests the list has.

Remember that the number of guests is directly proportional to the budget that is available to organize your marriage.

Wedding Cartagena
Wedding Cartagena

Once the budget is determined, you can already define the cost of the meal and the size of the place to celebrate the reception of your wedding.

Next step, make another list in which friends who wish to be partners that have company on this date.

To make this list you can obtain element elements such as; family and lifelong friends are the first options to add to this list.

The intimate friends who share the couple and who have seen them grow the relationship are the following on the list and finally are the most recent friends with whom they are considering to be starting to have a very strong friendship relationship.

Wedding Cartagena

Making the guest list is a rigorous process that takes time, it is important not to feel pressured or guilty by people who may be excluded from this celebration.

Wedding Cartagena

Finally, remember that there are couples who have children as well as single guests who must ask permission to conduct their own guest.