Wedding Catering

It is common and very normal that among the guests at the reception of your wedding, some of them are vegetarians, for this reason, it is important to have them present when preparing your wedding menu.

Wedding Catering the gastronomic reality of vegetarian food is very wide and varied. Although it is not a very usual menu in weddings, you can adapt it to the banquet thinking about your guests.

First of all, you must be clear that a vegetarian diet goes beyond roasted vegetables, as most people believe.

The first and most important advice is to consult with a chef or expert in gastronomy, since it will be your knowledge that guides you in a manner indicated in the elaboration of the menu.

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  •   You can ask them to elaborate original and delicious dishes such as:
  •   Cold tomato or avocado soup.
  •   Canapés stuffed with vegetables.
  •   Sliced ​​cereal bread.

Main course

  •  In short, they are light in comparison to those made on the basis of meat:
  •  Spring salad with palm hearts, lettuce, dates, tomato or avocado.
  •  Hot saucer with grilled vegetables.
  •  Integral rice.
  • Tomato mousse
  •  Eggplant cake.


  • A delicious slice of the bride and groom cake.
  • Fruit skewers.