Wedding, Weddings are one of the most beautiful and prosperous moments for a couple.

In this event, there is the possibility to share with family and friends a moment that determines the rest of your life.


In addition, weddings have the characteristic of being an impressive, luxurious and attractive event.

Couples seek to create an experience to remember a lifetime.

This is how we will develop an article that defines the concept of wedding and exposes all the main features to perform such a traditional ceremony.

What is a wedding?

To start successfully, it is important to clarify the term for all readers.

Primarily, a wedding is a two-person wedding celebration ceremony.

In order for a wedding to take place, it is necessary to follow legal dynamics that certify the union.

Of course, weddings can be given for couples who have married civil or religious.

In addition, weddings have a number of traditional activities according to the religion of the couple.

The wedding translates to the Latin «vote», which means vote.

What good is a wedding?

It is a fact that weddings are long-awaited events for couples about to get married, as well as for their families and friends.

In fact, weddings serve to celebrate with the intimate persons of the newlyweds the union, the sign of love and the beginning of a stage of family creation.

Above all there is no doubt that weddings have spaces full of nostalgia, honesty and above all lots of fun.

Weddings are remembered by attendees for many years.

Difference between marriage and wedding

People often confuse the terms between marriage and wedding.

First, marriage is an event before a legal entity that certifies the union of two persons.

On the other hand, the wedding is the posthumous ceremony to the marriage.

Different traditional activities to share with guests take place during the celebration.

Marriage and marriage are usually given on the same day at times in succession.

The most important thing is that both show the love and commitment to share the rest of life with the couple.

Key elements

Obviously, when a wedding takes place, there are already established structures that can guide the execution.

However, everyone can organize it in a specific way

In addition, a space is needed for the meeting of all guests.

Consequently, the space should contain a beautiful and luxurious decoration.

Adding, food is an essential part of the celebration.

In the beginning, weddings obviously require a couple willing to marry.

And of course, an atmosphere of love and fun.

Protocol of a wedding

Once we have enunciated the fundamental elements, we will describe the protocol most used in weddings in our Colombian culture.

In effect, this protocol has all the most recognized traditional activities that meet the need for intimate, meaningful and entertaining spaces.

Below, we will list the protocol that promotes a wedding in excellence:

  • Entry of the groom
  • Location of the guests
  • Entrance of the bride
  • Biblical readings
  • Kiss of union
  • Departure of the bride and groom
  • Arrival at the place of celebration
  • Toast Pictures
  • Dancing of the bride and groom
  • Dance and celebration with the guests
  • Farewell
  • Dinner

Venues for celebration

Besides a party that should be treated well in advance is the venue for the event.

Not every space serves to gather guests at the most important time of your life.

First of all, the place should be clean, caring, beautiful and attractive.

Adding, there are spaces within the city such as salons or specialized spaces.

But, if you are looking for a place a little further away from the city, country houses are an excellent option.

Like, currently there are a lot of spaces available for weddings.

Beyond love

The first stages are usually more romantic and expressive, in them you want to share everything with your partner.

In love there are some stages.

Then all the ecstasy of the relationship is passed and attitudinal slumps occur, but love is consolidated.

In any case, when a marriage takes place, love does not cease to be the protagonist.

But you have to add more feelings and behaviors to the relationship, it’s up to both of us to be happy together.

Unconditional union

When a couple is willing to marry, they must bear in mind that the union is «until death do you part».

The most important thing is to be aware of the decision to marry, because the other person is willing to leave many things of his life to form a family

So, the union must be unconditional.

It’s time to show loyalty, affection, commitment and teamwork with that person.

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